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The New Orleans Bible Fellowship B.C. provides several ministries in order to meet the needs of our membership in a variety of ways. It is our hope that as you peruse the listing, that you will see a ministry which meets your particular need to the glory and honor of God.


Brotherhood Ministry

Psalm 133:1

To develop within the brothers/men of the church a spirit of unity, fellowship and love for the brethren.


Our Brother’s in Christ meetings are held monthly in order to support and build each other up through the Word of God.


Singles Ministry

Hosea 2:19-20

Objective: To provide a ministry to young adults and/or single adults, that fosters individual wholeness through a relationship with God.


Our singles ministry provides its members with an opportunity to deepen their spirituality with Christ, serve each other within the church, and to be successful in life by encouraging and supporting each other in their Christian walk.


Women’s Ministry

Proverbs 31:10

To embrace, educate, empower and encourage women using our gifts, talents, resources and time. Through this objective we expect circles of faith to increase all for the glory of God.


Our Women of Faith ministry meets monthly where woman are exhorted to intimately know God!


Married Couples Ministry

Genesis 2:24-25

To promote God's plan for marriage through teaching married couples what the scriptures teach concerning Christian marriage.


Our married couple’s ministry has a goal of equipping and providing couples with resources that will enrich their marriages and help renew hurting ones. Additionally, we strive to help transform and strengthen marriages into model marriages built on a solid foundation of Christ and His truth.


Deacon Ministry

Acts 6:1-6

Our deacons role in the ministry is to operate as the Bible prescribed, as servants to the church. They meet to review the operation and effectiveness of the various ministries of our church, as well as perform tasks and activities designed to care for our facility and the people of God.


Evangelism Ministry

Matthew 28:18-20

The NOBF Evangelism Ministry seeks to exalt (Christ), evangelize (the lost), educate (the community), edify (one another), and equip (the body) as we carry out the Great Commission.


Evangelism Ministries:

Evangelism Team

Prison Ministry (Future)

Athletic Ministry (Future)


Youth Ministry

Proverbs 22:6

To train, educate, prepare and equip young people to become disciples of Jesus Christ through Bible study programs, and program opportunities designed for the youth.


Our youth ministry is designed to provide a "safe haven" for youth, where they can seek and find spiritual guidance, love, peace, compassion, understanding and confidentiality.


Liturgical Dance Ministry

Psalm 149:3

This ministry is designed to encourage and develop God's people to worship him through dance.


With their expressions of worship through song and dance, it is the mission of this ministry to lead God's people into God's presence and to usher in the Holy Spirit through ministry in dance.


Choir Ministry

Psalm 98:1

This ministry is designed to develop worship leaders to sing God's praises and to lead God's people into a worship experience with God.